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Daggers Group’s corporate social responsibility is centered on improving the lives of military veterans and their families. This is the inherent culture within the Daggers’ organization. We care about veterans because we are veterans! Daggers has a Veteran-Hire first policy where we ensure qualified veterans have first choice access to quality employment opportunities. Daggers also ensure that veterans and their families have access to quality life support programs. Daggers’ passion about veterans is top-driven. Our CEO, US Army Major(Retired) Spencer Biah, as you can expect is very passionate about issues affecting veterans. Major Biah has always been at the forefront of advocating for the betterment of the lives of gallant men and women who volunteer their service to defend this nation’s honor. He is the founder and former president of the Liberian American Veterans Association (LAVA) and the former president of the High Desert ROCKs Chapter located at Fort Irwin, California. Major Biah has mandated that Daggers will always be focused on giving back as much as possible to Service members because they are the bedrock of our success.

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