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As a certified SDVOSB, MBE, and SDB, we offer a highly trained and experienced staff that possessed the requisite certifications and clearances. Daggers Group has over 20 years of experience providing a wide range of other cybersecurity services. They are on the frontier of using cybersecurity technologies to secure mission platforms and have provided support to multiple government agencies, such as Department of Defense, Office of the Controller of Commerce, and the US Navy. In every instance, Daggers has significantly improved the cybersecurity posture, all within the past 5 years.


Daggers employs highly-trained and experienced staff that possessed the requisite industry certifications and clearances. Our staff includes US military veterans with highly specialized skill-sets implementing best business practices in accordance with federal standards, developing and maintaining systems to encourage a collaborative environment. Our personnel have extensive experience supporting federal agencies including the Department of Defense. Daggers has supported US military personnel in Middle East and Africa. Daggers thrives on transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and ensuring that the company delivers projects on schedule and on budget, with exceptional results. Daggers’ personnel have diverse information security skill-sets gained from supporting governmental and non-governmental entities.


The Daggers team has over two decades of combined years of experience with managing information security plans including implementing Federal directives to strengthen an organization’s cyber defense posture. Leveraging its core competencies and strategic alliances with proven partners, Daggers Group provides a systematic approach to ensuring solutions aligned with its Clients’ needs. Its approach combines established Governmental, Academia, and Industry Best Business Practices to provide a solution(s)-driven methodology. Daggers has supported the Department of Defense, Office of the Controller of Commerce and, the US Navy, and City of Washington, DC. Daggers' leadership not only are combat-tested veterans, they are experienced cybersecurity professionals.

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